Pain that Needs Healing

Breaking the taboo about menstruation “She bleeds.  She is unsafe.  She is untouchable.  Her menstrual blood is impure!  But the irony is,  It is the same blood  That piles-up in different body,  To hold them for  So long nine months!”  -Priyanka Rathi  Is she happy to bleed? Menstruation is still a phenomenon of embarrassment for most of the girls or women, why even to men in India. A very natural physical process is taught to be unholy, impure and disrespectful from their childhood to the girls [...]

The Super Cyclone Amphan Response by Udayani Social Action Forum

Place Registered offices of Sampurna Nari Sangathan (SNKS), Nari Mukti Sangathan (NMS), Adarsha Nari Sangathan (ANS), Jagriti Nari Sangathan (JNS) & Pratusha Nari Sangathan (PNS) Blocks Bishnupur, Kalna II, Jamalpur, Kalna I and Pandua District South 24 Pgs., Burdwan & Hooghly Total Participants 1600 Beneficiaries In the aftermath of the Amphan Super cyclone an initiative was taken up [...]

Covid-19 response by Udayani Social Action Forum

  COVID 19 Relief Program  Place  Sampurna Nari Sangathan (SNKS) Bishnupur 1,  Nari Mukti Sangathan (NMS) Kalna II, Adarsha  Nari Sangathan (ANS) Jamalpur, Jagriti Nari  Sangathan (JNS) Kalna I & Pratusha Nari  Sangathan (PNS), Pandua  District  South 24 Pgs., Burdwan & Hooghly  Total participants  1864 Families    Udayani initiated COVID 19 Relief Program in Bishnupur, Kalna II, Jamalpur, Kalna I and Pandua. The regional NGOs in the said blocks collaborated with Udayani to carry out the Relief Work at the grass root level. Farmers, Migrant labourers, Daily Wage Labourers, [...]

Genesis of Sampurna Nari Kalyan Sangathan

In 2007 Udayani for the first-time started working with drop out children in Bishnupur-I block, West Bengal. Besides mainstreaming of those children Udayani felt to work with village women of Bishnupur-I block, because it wanted to work with women in grass root level. First of all, Udayani motivated the women in the villages to be [...]

Introducing The Universal Apostolic Preferences

Philip Endean, S.J. On February 19 2019, Fr General Arturo Sosa announced the so-called Universal Apostolic Preferences for the Society. The organizers of this assembly have asked me to answer three questions about them: what they are, how they came about, and what Fr General wants us to do with them. I’ll use those questions [...]