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Our Executive Team Member

We are here for you!
Seven Jesuits of Calcutta Province are the Executive Committee members. The provincial is the president of the organisation.

Core Team Members

I am glad you are here

Thirteen of the Seventeen employees are women in the core team. Our staff help with a number of tasks that enrich our work in a variety of ways to empower women at the grass-root level.

Madhurima Sen

Meal coordinator

Paromita Dutta

Right to Food Coordinator

Koyel Saha


Shreya Acharjee


Francis Edwin Juan


Rinku Patra


Subhra Mishra

FCC Counsellors

Munmun Haque

FCC Counsellors

Ananta Saren

IGP Coordinator

Chiranjib Murmu

SHG Coordinator

Arati Saren

Project Assistant

Basanti Saren

Project Assistant

Champa Mondal

Project Assistant

Asima Tudu

Project Assistant

Rupa Saren

Project Assistant

Sujata Chiti

Project Assistant

Adhir Ruidas

Solar Coordinator